The affiliate marketing program provided by the Course Tech platform is a real great opportunity to achieve rewarding financial returns. If you are a blogger, YouTube channel, social media page, or an influencer in one of the channels, this is your opportunity to be with us a partner in success where you can program the affiliate marketing program from Course Tech from Realize the following benefits: By using your affiliate marketing link, any subscriber who registers on the platform through it will calculate you 10% of any purchase that this subscriber makes at any time, and there are no cookies or commission from the first time purchase ... always and at any time you get 10% of each buying process. Your commission marketing balance appears in the balance in the control panel and you can withdraw it in all the ways you like ... The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 50.


How much percentage does the platform give for commission marketing?

The platform awards 10% on every purchase made to a student / trainee who registered through your affiliate marketing link

What is the affiliate marketing mechanism on the CourseTak platform?

From your control panel, you get a referral link of your own and any student / trainee who registers through it, you get 10% of any purchase that this user makes at any time for life

How do I benefit from my credit on affiliate marketing?

You can request to withdraw your profits if they are greater than or equal to 50 dollars by all available methods on the site such as Paypal, Payoneer, bank and financial transfer, or you can use the balance for more educational experiences for you on the platform

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